G Sand - Comparison

River Sand
St. Basil Granite’s G Sand (Graded Sand)
Contains harmful impurities like mud, soil, silt, salt, alkalis, coal, mica, shoal, sea shell, bone, organic matter etc.
Contains no organic Impurities, hence it gives increased strength of Concrete with same cement content.
No consistency in particle sizing due to different sources, hence accuracy of mix design becomes doubtful.
Gradation of sand is controlled in the manufacturing process; hence mix design can be accurately used due to consistent gradation.
Irregular sizing results in wastage in the form of singles to the tune of 10 -15%
No wastage since Sand is already sieved in the required size (below 4.75 mm ).
Erratic supply & fluctuating prices make it difficult to control project cost
Consistency in supply as well as stability in prices help in controlling the project cost.
Extraction of sand from River beds is an environmental hazard.
Does not harm the environment in any way