Technical Specifications

Even in India, the Civil engineers, Architects, Builders, Contractors agree that the natural sand which is available today is deficient in many respects. It does not have sufficient fines and is not properly graded. Moreover, the presence of other impurities such as silt, coal, bones, shells, silica, mica, clay etc. results in reduced strength of cement concrete. The decay of these materials, due to weathering effect, shortens the life of concrete. Even the Government has banned the extraction of natural sand from river beds.

The only long term solution to this problem is crushed sand.

St. Basil Granite's G Sand (Graded Sand) is an excellent quality sand which is manufactured according to the specifications of ISI2116-1980-2.0 and IS:486:2000 and IS:383:1970. The particle shape is semi rounded or cubical and not flaky or elongated. The percentage of fines is adequately maintained and dust percentage is strictly controlled by hi-tech machineries (Water washing with Bucket Wheel Classifier & dewatering screen). This washes out the excess dust from the manufacturing process itself, leaving just the appropriate percentage of dust in the finished product.

Techincal Specification
Quality Assurance
Conforms to : IS : 456 & 383 : 1970
Frequent Sieve Test conducted for sizing
Silt & organic Matter : NIL
Strict Sizing control by controlling the machine's parameters
Sizing :
Below 4.75 m.m.
Minus 150 Microns dust up to 10 - 15%
Unit weight, Bulk Density, Water Absorption / Moisture content, Specific Gravity tests are conducted on a regular period
Field trials are taken at customers site as a part of after sales service